Sundays, 5:30pm

In Feb 2018 we launched our Evening Service for Young Adults, Youth and the Young at heart. Everyone is welcome and you don't need to believe anything to join us. We would love to see you there.

What's happening for people my age?

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After the Evening service we have started meeting for beer and prossecco in the summer months. What else do you need to know!  Come and join us  at around 7pm Sunday nights in the Cafe. (soft drinks also available)


This group for the 30's age group meets fortnightly on Thursdays and seeks to grow deeper in the Father's love and in community with one another.  Ask us for more info!

12-18 Youth

For 12-16 have their own group during the evening service. 16-18 we invite to stay with us! Our worship and teaching is aimed to be accessible to all.

What to expect:


Deepen in the Father's love

We believe that we are all children of God, and therefore a family of brothers and sisters. We want to deepen our identity as beloved children of the Father, through scripture, worship, teaching and prayer.

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Training a New Generation

One of our primary aims in launching the Evening Service is to grow new leaders and ministers of the Gospel in the next generation. We love to enable the giftings of the Holy Spirit and you will regularly see young people and youth taking up roles join our service.

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For details of our morning service please click here.