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Spirit Life Foundations course

A one-year inter-active training programme to develop fullness of life for the 21st Century

Teaching by Andy Keighley, Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse London, and other guest speakers

 "What does it mean to have a spiritual life? How can my relationship with God be a daily experienced reality?  How can my spiritual life inspire me in the marketplace, in my relationships, in my family life, in my purpose?”

In an age in which most of us struggle with the acceleration of change, lack of hope, wondering about purpose, more than ever we need to rediscover the full life we were made for.   

This is a foundational module for all those thirsting for the life to which Jesus pointed, a life where “streams of living water flow from within”.  

Over a one year inter-active programme, we will discover how we can experience fullness of life and purpose arising from our relationship with the Spirit of God.  



For all other enquiries please email:

Teaching by Senior Pastor Andy Keighley, and other guest speakers

Teaching by Senior Pastor Andy Keighley, and other guest speakers

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For all other enquiries please email:

Practical info

 This four-part programme will be on Saturday mornings beginning October 2018 through to June 2019 (generally 2 sessions per month with term breaks).

Programme 2019/20

 Spirit life foundations

Living from the spiritual reality we are made for

We welcome you to our Introductory Reception for Spirit Life Foundations, a one-year inter-active training program to develop fullness of life for the 21stCentury, on Wednesday 25thSeptember.  

 The program will run from October 2019 to June 2020.

 Teaching by Andy Keighley, Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse London, and other guest speakers.


Saturday morning format 

 09.30am - registration and fellowship (breakfast & coffee available)

10.00am worship and activation feedback

10.30am session 1 with q & a

11.15am coffee break

11.30am session 2 with q & a

12.15pm prayer ministry

12.30pm finish


Assignments and activation

 There is a weekly written journal assignment which should be sent by email by the close Wednesday after the session. This will require no less than one hour but no more than two to complete. 

Each session will encourage an activation point for what has been learned which students can feedback at the following session. 



The total fee for the programme is: 

£200 plus Workbook £15 and refreshments payable by 1 x £65 instalment plus 3 x £50 instalments in advance of each part of the programme


£180 discounted rate for payment for the whole course in advance, which includes the workbook.  

Student rate 50%, bursaries available.


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For queries, please email


Program 2019/2020


Part 1 Spirit to spirit 


How can I be sure of who God is and who I am? 

 This first part establishes our full identity as we experience relationship with the Spirit of God.   Discover the promise in our lives to transform how we see ourselves.                                 

1   October 12th          Born

2   October 26th                      Round Part 1

3   November 9th                    Guest Speaker

4   November 23rd       Round Part 2 

5   December 7th                    Oyster 


Part 2 Fullness 

 How does the spiritual reality inform every aspect of our lives?  

This part uncovers the full spiritual life, finding a new level of harmony within, growing new expectation of our relationship with the Trinity.  

Learn how the Spirit relationship inspires natural wholeness into every aspect of life as God the Father intended.  

6   January 11th                     Name

7   January 18th                      Sound

8   February 8th                      Oceans

9   February 22nd       Oak Part 1

10 March 7th                Oak Part 2


Part 3 Restoration 

How can we live with a greater sense of freedom? 

 This mid section looks at the journey of inner healing, overcoming aspects of our lives which hinder and limit, bringing all of our lives home to the touch of the Trinity.  Learn how to break free of negative ties.  

 The section includes an individual Bethel Sozo session led by two members of our trained team.  The session enables each person to interact with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, bringing inner healing, increased intimacy, strengthening identity.

11 March 21st. Home  

12 April 4th                Freebird


Part 4 life re-imagined

How does the Spirit empower me to make a difference in this world?

 Learn how the Spirit relationship provides us with access beyond the material life to the prophetic, to a new level of spiritual authority and gifting.  How does the Spirit relationship open up new possibilities and purpose in our lives?  

13  April 25th Eyes

14  May  9th   Super-Nova Part 1

15  May 23rd  Super-Nova Part 2    

16  June 6th   Land’s End


Our Spirit Life Conference 2020 will be held on June 19th-20th.